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Our proprietary 3D ElectroShape technology captures the essence of a molecule, describing both shape and charge distribution. It supports our drug discovery projects and those of our collaborators, allowing rapid virtual screening and analogue searching.

Compound Databases

Oxford Drug Design has invested heavily in establishing robust and secure processes for building and updating our Scopius compound database: with over 23 million unique molecules, it is among the world's largest high-quality databases of commercially available and easily synthesized drug candidate compounds.

Virtual Screening 

We use a combination of structure- and ligand-based virtual screening to find ligands for target proteins.

ElectroShape is a super-fast, proprietary ligand-based tool that captures the shape and charge distribution of molecules in a set of numeric descriptors. Without the need to align the structures, the method is able to search a database of millions of commerically-available compounds in just a few minutes.

Our structure-based virtual screening uses a combination of in-house and commercial docking tools to fit database compounds into a protein. This is combined with additional scoring techniques to identify molecules for purchase.