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Our pipeline focuses on oncology, deploying our dual core competence platform to discover highly innovative small-molecule therapeutics against novel targets

New approach against cancer

We are applying our expertise in the chemistry and biology in tRNA synthetases to develop novel agents initially against cancer in a first-in-class mechanism of action.

Our enzyme family of core specialisation, tRNA synthetases, is involved in regulating pathways used by cancer cells to drive their proliferation. We are therefore strongly positioned and advancing rapidly in this area supported additionally by our machine learning capabilities.

Oxford’s validated discovery platform has already led to successful in vivo validation of a novel anti-cancer target using our highly innovative chemical scaffolds.

There are multiple potential applications in cancer with our approach and the initial indications are against lung and colorectal tumours.

Oncology is but the first major disease for us to address with our aaRS-based platform. We can efficiently deploy our same platform to design and develop novel therapeutics also against further major areas with unmet need.

Platform Validation Demonstrated

In addition to our lead oncology program, we have two further programs in our pipeline with which we validated our distinctive platform.

Using generous international non-dilutive funding from  CARB-X and Innovate UK, we successfully validated our dual core competences with the rapid discovery of promising anti-infectives showing positive activity and resistance parameters across two distinct programs.

We used state-of-the-art drug design techniques in tRNA synthetase inhibition – again coupled with our machine learning technologies – to tackle the rising threat of dangerous resistant pathogens which kill 700,000 people each year. Our focus was resistant, gram-negative lethal organisms that have been identified by the WHO and the US CDC as urgent and serious threats to global public health.

A second platform validation programme has been directed toward the urgent need for new anti-infectives that can be used to ensure economically viable food supply without increasing antimicrobial resistance in humans. We have again used a novel target enzyme class and successfully designed innovative chemical scaffolds with potent biological activity.

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