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Oxford Drug Design

Oxford Drug Design is an innovative company spun-out of Professor Graham Richards' group at the University of Oxford. The company has developed fast, state-of-the-art virtual screening and ligand analogue searching technologies to help with the drug discovery process. Utilising this technology platform the company has developed a novel antibiotic programme.

Our Team

Prof. W. Graham Richards CBE

Chairman and Founder

Graham served as Chairman of the Department of Chemistry at Oxford University. Throughout his career, he has been involved in the commercialization of technologies where he was a director of the University of Oxford's technology transfer company. He was also involved with the Wellcome Trust in a similar capacity. He co-founded Oxford Molecular Group plc, InhibOx Ltd. and Oxford Drug Design Ltd. He was a main board director, now venture partner, of IP Group plc, the listed intellectual property commercialization company.

Prof. Paul Finn

Chief Executive Officer

Paul completed his undergraduate degree at St Peter's College, Oxford and his biochemistry Ph.D. at the University of Manchester. He has worked as a computational chemist for SmithKline Beecham and Pfizer. Paul was group director of R&D at TopoTarget. He led the histone deacetylase inhibitor programme through discovery and pre-clinical development, and is co-inventor of Belinostat, which was approved by the FDA for the treatment of T-cell lymphoma in 2014. 

Dr. Michael Charlton

Head of Drug Discovery

After a degree and Ph.D. at the University of St. Andrews, Michael worked as a computational chemist at Zeneca Specialties. He then set up the computational chemistry group at Evotec before moving to Chroma Therapeutics as head of computational chemistry. He managed the early stage of one of the inflammation projects and worked on reviewing new drug targets.  He also sat on the project review team, which made key decisions on project direction. Michael joinied InhibOx, now Oxford Drug Design, in 2013. He had a key role in compound design for the antibacterial project.

Dr. Grace Edmund

Senior Computational Chemist

Grace completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Durham. She completed her masters year while working as an industrial trainee at Pfizer, Sandwich. She completed her Ph.D in computational chemistry at the University of Surrey modelling species selectivity in cytochrome P450 enzymes. In 2014, Grace worked as a research fellow at the University of Surrey in collaboration with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory Limited (DSTL) in the area of polymer modelling. She joined InhibOx, now Oxford Drug Design,  in 2015, working on antibacterial drug design.

Dr. Jerome Wicker


Jerome completed his Undergraduate Master's degree in Chemistry at Worcester College, Oxford, where he was awarded a number of prizes for his academic excellence. Jerome continued at Worcester while undertaking a D.Phil in Inorganic Chemistry. During the course of his D.Phil, Jerome developed a new single descriptor for capturing a molecule's 3D conformational flexibility, a key feature in determining the likelihood of a small molecule successfully crystallising. Jerome joined Oxford Drug Design in 2017.